Doctor, Auto Accident, Emergency Medical Condition, Chiropractor
Doctor, Auto Accident, Emergency Medical Condition, Chiropractor

Need an EMC Determination?

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Get an EMC encouraging continued Chiropractic Care at your office!

We Encourage Injured Patients to Continue with Your Chiropractic Care

EMC's Made Easy

We are here to make obtaining EMC determinations faster and efficient.

When patients are in your office, they should be getting quality chiropractic care rather than undergoing and EMC examination.

Our HIPAA compliant telehealth system allows us to conduct the examination from the patient's home on their own smartphone, tablet, or computer.

We never bill the chiropractic offices but instead we directly bill the insurance company.

Patients throughout the entire state of Florida can easily be examined and we will send your office the EMC report directly.

Patient's demographics, chiropractic notes, and imaging reports can be faxed or emailed to

We can help you and your patients obtain the full insurance benefits needed for you to help them on the road to recovery!

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